Program Description

Department of Education


Department of Education at North American University offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees:

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Education

For a B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, students are required to complete 120 semester credit hours: 36 credits in general education, 36 credits in education core courses, and 48 credits in concentration core courses including electives.


The program offers students pursuing a B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education five concentrations to choose from: Mathematics, Physical Science, Technology Application, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.


The Department of Education provides students with a high-quality education that enables them to prepare curricula, design and deliver instruction with state-of-the-art instructional technology, communicate with parents and students, and effectively manage classrooms based on knowledge of human development, learning environments, and cognitive and behavioral models. Our graduates will also develop appropriate content knowledge and skills with an ability to recognize ethical issues in their professions.


Students will be able to:

  1. Compare/contrast and apply human development and learning theories.
  2. a)Design curriculum and instructional materials.  b)Implement them in their profession.
  3. Integrate relevant technologies into education.
  4. Create positive learning environment by demonstrating professional classroom management and communication skills.
  5. Recognize responsibilities and ethical issues related to their profession.
  6. Develop content knowledge in their concentration.
  7. Improve pedagogical content knowledge in their concentration.